Never Let Your Lawn Dry Up

Set up sprinkler installation services in Monitor, WA

Your grass requires a lot of water to stay lush and green. If you don't have the right sprinkler system or don't have one at all, your lawn might not keep its breathtaking appearance. That's why RCF Curbing, LLC provides sprinkler installation and sprinkler repair services in Monitor, WA and surrounding communities.

Our team installs and repairs every kind of sprinkler system. Call 509-881-1618 right now to set up a free consultation for your residential or commercial property.

What sprinkler services do we offer?

RCF Curbing is made up of sprinkler experts. Our team offers:

  • Sprinkler repair work
  • Basic plumbing for sprinklers
  • Sprinkler maintenance
  • Sprinkler head repairs
  • Full sprinkler system installation work

Don’t let dry summer days turn your yard brown and lifeless—set up sprinkler services in the Monitor, WA area ASAP.